“Hey thanks for asking how I have been doing. I thought I would let you know in a short message. Everything is going great. I know myself much better since we worked together and am much happier. Your work helped me get where I am and I will always be grateful. I am living a completely different life, charged with energy and I use what I have learned to help others and myself from time to time. I seek out goals to gain experiences and confidence while living life to the fullest. I use fear and anxiety, lack of confidence etc as motivators to drive me towards the next goal.

Let me give you an example: I turned 50 this year. I went to Ireland for a week (something I have always wanted to do), I completed a Spartan Race, lost and kept off 40 lbs, I regularly run 5ks and started doing martial arts again in 2013. I continue to put myself first and what I want. I do things for others if I choose to, always mindful that if I do it, it’s because I want to FOR ME. I don’t let anyone or anything change that. I have severed relationships (sometimes permanently) that were sucking the life out of me or were not healthy. I have pulled back on some activities and focused on others.

Overall, I am a changed person. It’s been a process and the challenge will continue, but I have many tools and methods and know that I can deal with anything. How are you?”

Mesa, AZ