Our mission is to significantly increase safety, efficiency and happiness, as well as, preventing accidents, traffic congestion and fatalities for millions of people. 




Products and Services

Videos and Courses

Videos will be available in the free members area (coming soon) and in private courses that will be offered in the near future. You can also see many of the videos by follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The videos will be short and packed with valuable content. The more we all watch and share them, the quicker society’s driving habits will evolve for the better, which means less traffic congestion and fewer accidents and fatalities!


1) “How To Get Better Than Your Estimated MPG/KPL; The 9 Elements To Mastering The Art of Efficiency That Prevent Millions of Accident And Saves Lives, Daily!” is currently available only through Amazon Kindle, HERE. If you haven’t yet, do yourself and your family a tremendous favor and get your copy, today! You won’t regret it. I guarantee that you’ll see and fell results almost immediately and every day thereafter. It’s about so much more than just ‘increasing fuel efficiency’. ...Here’s an Introduction. And here is the Table of Contents.

2) The first run of the first edition of “The Complete Science of Driving; A Guaranteed Increase of Safety, Power, Confidence and Control!” is currently out of print. Typically, this evolutionary manuscript is only available to personal clients. A release date for a second, public printing has yet to be set.

Personal Coaching

This is one-on-one personal tele-coaching for those who suffer with a fear of driving. Usually, it takes less than 6 hours of tele-coaching (spread over two weeks) to completely transform a mindset from one of fear and anxiety to one of joy, hope and excitement.

You can read testimonials from many grateful clients who’s lives have forever been transformed, down below and on the testimonial page.

If this is for you, reach out to me, here.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is mainly reserved for companies and corporations that have employees who either commute to work or drive and make money for the company.

Fuel efficiency, ‘reading traffic’, avoiding congestion, communication, preventing accidents and increasing skills, mastery and overall safety, are the main areas of focus.

Happier, more productive employees who save and make the company more money are the main benefits.

To schedule a free consult, contact us here.


There is much that city engineers and municipalities can do in order to achieve smoother traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion, accidents and fatalities, that they aren’t currently doing. As it currently is, much of what is being done actually creates congestion and increases the probability of an accident, despite good intentions!

City officials, you can submit an inquiry here to start discussions on how to book a personal consult and what it will take to transform your community (or a specific intersection) into one of smooth traffic flow with minimal congestion and accidents.

Words of Gratitude From Very Satisfied Clients…

“I have personally used Alex Hunter’s advanced driving tips and techniques and they are powerful. The NEW knowledge in his e-book is top notch, and when understood saves gas, time on the road, congestion, accidents and road-rage. Without a doubt, his tips and knowledge are a necessary value to every driver on the planet today.”


Chantz J. Charon, Hollywood, Ca.

“Love your website… And information.
I teach driving safety and have learned a lot from your site!”

Joni @
First Class Defensive Driving
Fort Worth, Texas

“…Driving has become more of a fun experience, having more confidence and feeling free to drive without fear. Being able to increase my experience I want to start going out on the road more to increase my confidence and self esteem. I look forward to it. Without this knowledge I would not be able to drive in traffic or have the self esteem that I have. Everything that I am reading and experiencing has given me so much more to live for. Not just in my driving but in my life in the knowledge that I am taking in. My mind is open and free to experience everything without fear.

Hunter, Thank you for giving me the confidence and experience in my driving.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,”

Gloria R.
Ft. Collins, Colorado

Dear Alex,

“I really appreciate your efforts in spreading the knowledge of driving skills. It isn’t everyday that people share vital information that can save lives on the road. I sincerely thank you for giving me that info months back. Before that, I was always having near-collisions on Salem’s town roads. I told my friends and family and their now set to carefully drive smarter. Your crucial efforts have definitely been worthwhile.”

Michael Sobrado
Windham, New Hampshire

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