Joni @ First Class Defensive Driving

“Love your website… And information. I teach driving safety and have learned a lot from your site!” Thanks, Joni @ First Class Defensive Driving Fort Worth, Texas

Gloria R.

“…Driving has become more of a fun experience, having more confidence and feeling free to drive without fear. Being able to increase my experience I want to start going out on the road more to increase my confidence and self esteem. I look forward to it. Without this knowledge I would not be able to drive in traffic or have the self esteem that I have. Everything that I am reading and experiencing has given me so much more to live for. Not just in my driving but in my life in the knowledge that I am taking in. My mind is open and free to experience everything without fear. Hunter, Thank you for giving me the confidence and experience in my driving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Gloria R. Ft. Collins, Colorado

Michael Sobrado

Dear Alex, “I really appreciate your efforts in spreading the knowledge of driving skills. It isn’t everyday that people share vital information that can save lives on the road. I sincerely thank you for giving me that info months back. Before that, I was always having near-collisions on Salem’s town roads. I told my friends and family and their now set to carefully drive smarter. Your crucial efforts have definitely been worthwhile.” Sincerely, Michael Sobrado Windham, New Hampshire

Michelle Sylva

“The work you are doing is a blessing! Keep changing people’s lives.. you have changed mine! :-)” Michelle Sylva Washington, D.C.

Kay Smith

“I really appreciate You checking up! It’s funny you contacted me on the same day I finally got my drivers license! Lol I’m super happy and excited! Thanks for all your help! My confidence level has gotten extremely better with driving. I didn’t think I’d be driving the way that I am now. It’s definitely been a process! I know that I now have to continue even though I have my license now. I got a new job close by my house and it’ll help me drive everyday by myself! Thanks for all your help!!! Couldn’t of done it without you!” Kay Smith, Elkton, MD

Nako Mbelle

“…I no longer panic when I’m driving along side an 18 wheeler… In the past, I avoided the highway but now I actually enjoy highway driving because I can practice the skills I’ve learned from Alex which get me from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.” Thank you! Nako Mbelle, Quebec Canada


“I am in my first year of having my driver’s license, obtained just before I turned 44! I had a fear of driving ever since I was of age to drive, and finally recognized I really needed to overcome this fear and obtain my license. I have always been quite confident in other aspects of my life, but driving was my nemesis. My mother had (and unfortunately still) has fear of driving, and I didn’t want to wind up in the same boat. I found Hunter’s program very helpful, especially one on one coaching, and would encourage anyone with a fear of driving to join his program. Of note, Hunter is well known in his field and his publication The Complete Science of Driving included in his program proves he literally has driving “down to a science”. I refer to it to this day. Thanks Hunter. You have found your calling.” Colleen Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


“Hey thanks for asking how I have been doing. I thought I would let you know in a short message. Everything is going great. I know myself much better since we worked together and am much happier. Your work helped me get where I am and I will always be grateful. I am living a completely different life, charged with energy and I use what I have learned to help others and myself from time to time. I seek out goals to gain experiences and confidence while living life to the fullest. I use fear and anxiety, lack of confidence etc as motivators to drive me towards the next goal. Let me give you an example: I turned 50 this year. I went to Ireland for a week (something I have always wanted to do), I completed a Spartan Race, lost and kept off 40 lbs, I regularly run 5ks and started doing martial arts again in 2013. I continue to put myself first and what I want. I do things for others if I choose to, always mindful that if I do it, it’s because I want to FOR ME. I don’t let anyone or anything change that. I have severed relationships (sometimes permanently) that were sucking the life out of me or were not healthy. I have pulled back on some activities and focused on others. Overall, I am a changed person. It’s been a process and the challenge will continue, but I have many tools and methods and know that I can deal with anything. How are you?” Sam Mesa, AZ

Jessica Today

“Before talking with Hunter, I had a huge fear of driving on the highway, & avoided it at all costs. It made it hard for me to get places, & i would have to take longer, unnecessary routes, unless I had a ride from someone else. After talking to Hunter just a couple times, I was on the highway & felt much better about doing so. Now I’m on the highway almost everyday, driving to work & to other places that without the highway, would have taken much longer trips or someone else to drive. Thank you Hunter!!!” Jessica Today Joliet, IL

(Name withheld by request)

Hi Hunter, “I just want to tell you that as a health care provider, I try very hard to relate to people immediately. I try to relieve their fears, address their concerns, and create a personal level of trust and open communication. I was blown away by our conversation today. You are the first person to accomplish all the aforementioned in such a short phone call. Thank you. You have given me the hope I need and the sense of trust for which I was so desperately looking. Thanks and God Bless!” (Name withheld by request)

Joel Mwangi

Dear Sir, “…I have made tremendous progress in both driving and life control because your well researched and articulated information is comparable both on road as well as in real life situations. Genuinely, I confess the information has really changed my perception on a broad wavelength even though, some of the ‘difficulties’ are not relevant here in Kenya.” (And later Joel wrote…) Dear Sir Alex, “I wish to let you know how much i gain from your messages that not only serves as a guide towards safe driving but, also as a real mind opener, since i started seeing things in the light of your concepts I have really made a very enormous improvement, with a humble tone may I say that your articles have made a driving/thinking specialist within me. I’m now touted as one of the best drivers in our organization… I had a lot of fear… Now it is no more, all that is in me, is total control that emanates from real confidence.” Sincerely, Joel Mwangi TBN Family Media Nairobi, Kenya

San Francisco Mom

“There are no words to describe this outrageous feeling of control and power that I feel all the time. My blinders have been lifted and I see so clearly for the first time… This technology is truly empowering…!” San Francisco Mom