Dear Sir,

“…I have made tremendous progress in both driving and life control because your well researched and articulated information is comparable both on road as well as in real life situations. Genuinely, I confess the information has really changed my perception on a broad wavelength even though, some of the ‘difficulties’ are not relevant here in Kenya.”

(And later Joel wrote…)

Dear Sir Alex,

“I wish to let you know how much i gain from your messages that not only serves as a guide towards safe driving but, also as a real mind opener, since i started seeing things in the light of your concepts I have really made a very enormous improvement, with a humble tone may I say that your articles have made a driving/thinking specialist within me. I’m now touted as one of the best drivers in our organization…

I had a lot of fear… Now it is no more, all that is in me, is total control that emanates from real confidence.”

Joel Mwangi
TBN Family Media
Nairobi, Kenya