Much of what we are told about ‘being fuel efficient’ and ‘increasing fuel efficiency’ is misinformation!

Much of what we are told about ‘being fuel efficient’ and ‘increasing fuel efficiency’ is misinformation. In fact, much of what many professionals preach is actually detrimental to your overall fuel efficiency and is why almost nobody achieves their estimated miles per gallon.

For example, we are often told that 1) slowing down is the best way to be efficient, or that 2) accelerating slowly is ideal, or that 3) going one speed (especially the speed limit) is most efficient, or that 4) accelerating is never in the best interest of efficiency. The fact of the matter is, is that some of those are only true on occasion. They definitely aren’t true all of the time or even a majority of the time. And some are rarely ever true at all. Yet it’s what we were taught.

Many fuel efficiency myths actually create traffic problems and decrease efficiency for you and many others.
Many fuel efficiency myths actually create traffic problems and decrease efficiency for you and many others.

You want the truth? I’ll give you some insights here to back up my claims and to prove my expertise. …I do this to help you increase efficiency and safety and to also encourage you to get my latest Amazon Kindle book, ‘How To Get Better Than Your Estimated MPG/KPL: The 9 Elements of Mastering the Art of Efficiency That Prevent Millions of Accidents And Saves Lives, Daily!’, which has hundreds of insights that help you increase efficiency, situational awareness, skills and overall safety.

1) Most all unnecessary deceleration actually hurts your fuel efficiency. Not only that, it often creates traffic congestion and can initiate accidents.
2) Most people accelerate too slowly to be most efficient. There is an ideal speed at which to accelerate, which depends on your vehicle’s gear ratio, surroundings, skills and other factors. I call it ‘acceleration sweet spot’.
3) Maintaining one speed seems like it would be efficient, doesn’t it? It is more efficient than some of the other beliefs, but it can still be improved on. …There is an ideal speed at which to travel (I call it ‘traveling sweet spot’) and it changes depending on your vehicle, what gear you are in, the road you are on, the traffic around you and how well you read traffic ahead and use the gap in front of you.
4) In addition to your initial acceleration (from an intersection or turn, for example) there are also times when extra acceleration is absolutely in the best interest of efficiency. Not only that, it can be downright lifesaving! …There are literally thousands, if not millions, of accidents that are avoided every day BECAUSE someone chose to accelerate safely and timely.

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But like I said, you won’t hear much of that anywhere else! Most people are too afraid of the implications of even mentioning the idea of accelerating. Not me! The reason why is because not only do I see and share the value of accelerating at proper times, I also don’t tell you or anyone ‘how to drive’.

Not once in the entire book do I tell someone what to do or not do. To the contrary, I advocate 100% personal responsibility. Responsibility to think for ourselves, to question what we are taught (even me) and to increase our handling and reading traffic skills.

With all of that said, I truly hope you see that what I have to share with you is unique, profound and life-saving. And they aren’t just tips. This is some serious, profound, deeply integrated knowledge that you will hold onto and utilized virtually every time you get behind the wheel.

And once you do get the e-book. I would really appreciate an Amazon review. Because as you probably know, the more reviews, the better a book performs. So, by simply giving a review, you are actually playing a part in helping prevent traffic congestion and accidents!

…The more we band together, the quicker society’s traffic habits will change for the better. It really comes down to people like you and me who want a more evolved driving society.

Thank you for your time, purchase and participation. Together we can make a difference.

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