An Introduction to ‘How To Get Better Than Your Estimated Miles Per Gallon/Kilometers Per Liter!’

How To Get Better Than Your Estimated MPG/KPL’ is a fully integrated drivers guide on how to master fuel efficiency and increase overall driving skills. It addresses 9 key elements that not only help you increase your fuel economy and overall miles per gallon/kilometers per liter but also dramatically increase awareness, safety and ‘reading traffic’ and communication skills.

How To Get Better Than Your Estimayed MPG/KPL!No matter what your current driver education is, if you appreciate safety, mastery, freedom or personal responsibility, you really do want to get, familiarize and share these profound insights. (…from the book, the newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.) They truly are how society’s driving standards will evolve to one of less traffic congestion and fewer accidents and fatalities.

Much detail went into making this manuscript compatible no matter what side of the road you drive on. As well as, not using limiting conclusive statements like ‘have to’, ‘best’, ‘only’ or ‘all’. Also, nowhere in this entire manuscript will you see me tell someone how to drive or what to do or not do! 

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